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Do You Exercise Regularly?

We know how important excising is. And that’s why one of the excises we recommend on this Home Yoga blog, is of course, Yoga! Many people love yoga. Yoga is suitable for people of all ages – the young, the old, the busy. Everyone. That’s why you see so many people are signing up yoga packages nowadays!

But what if you don’t like yoga?

There are more options out there.

One way that you can still keep fit without strict dieting, is to exercise regularly. You can join Fit Club Singapore, as they are a group of fitness enthusiasts who work out week in week out together to help each other keep fit.

You may think it is just a group of people doing exercise together. Yes, you are right! It is like that, that’s all! But there is power in group exercise! It is not just about jogging with your friends, or doing push ups, counting 1…2…3 together.

When you have friends exercising with you, you tend to be more motivated. You don’t take little chances like ‘let me rest for 5 min first before I continue’. Your friend will push you to your limits. Alright, they may not push you that hard. But if you see them running and not stopping, you will push yourself more than usual. This will keep you going, instead of losing the motivation to go on.

When you have friends who run with you, you also have an accountability partner. This is important in achieving your goals. All your goals need motivation and accountability. No accountability, no success. That’s simple. When you set a goal to exercise 3 times in a week, and you keep it to yourself, you may tend to give yourself some leeway to miss that goal.

After all, who knows you didn’t hit that goal? Only you.

But when you have a friend… things are different! You will behave differently! You will want to show your friend that you keep to your word, and you will not give up and be lazy. Your friend, just by being a partner, is enough to keep you going to achieve the goals you set. Isn’t that powerful?

Are you motivated to keep fit now? Find out more about fitness programs offered at as well. You will be fit in no time!

Just before you log off, this is what happens when you say you will give your best to achieve your goals. Remember, you can be better than your current self. You just need someone to push you to achieve it!


Purchasing Art Online Now Possible

There are a lot of people right now who are extremely happy with how the Internet has made it possible for people to purchase affordable art online. This is extremely different from how people purchased art in the past wherein they were required to purchase from art dealers who sell art made by artists for high amounts of money.

If you would like to purchase art that you know you can place at home but you do not know where you should purchase that will allow you to not spend too much, you already know the answer and that is to purchase online.

You have to remember that purchasing art online can be harder if you are searching for hard to find pieces. If you have some specific artists in mind that have paintings that cost a lot of money and are usually found in museums, do not bother trying to find so called “rare” ones online, they are just clever copies of the original.

Get to know more details here:

All types of art can be appreciated and artists do not have to be extremely popular in order to let you have an artwork, a painting that you can display in your own room or maybe at another part of your house. You can purchase paintings online from the following sites:


There are a lot of people who feel that this is the best art site right now because you can purchase artists who are already established. It does not have any mark up because of the middleman. There are also paintings made by little known artists but you may never know what they can achieve in the future. You may purchase a painting that will be worth so much more in the future.


Even though you have to become a member in order to enter this site, you can be sure that you will get some paintings that are ready to be hanged inside your own house. Do remember that while they are made in digital prints, the selections that you can choose from may change from season to season so consider this well.


If you would like to check out a site that offers paintings that are made by new artists who are just starting out to those who have managed to build their name and reputation, you can check out this site and find the painting that calls you by your name.

Remember that purchasing art online is possible as long as you would purchase from well known websites.


Teach Kids To Appreciate Music And Not Just Examinations

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.21.57 pmMusic is wonderful. We all love music. Music is part of our lives since we are young, and some music also grew old with us. We also know the impact music can have for young children. We know all the benefits of learning music and we want to have them too.

That’s probably the reasons why parents nowadays consider music lessons as part of the curriculum for their young children. Parents may not want their kids to be world renowned musicians, but they want their child to reap the benefits of music that comes from playing instrument.

However, especially in Asia, music lessons has become a norm for every kids. But that’s not the issue. Parents has turned their focus on music lessons as another ‘academic subject’ that kids has to do well in school. Is it an Asian thing? We are not sure. But music has seems to become another subject for parents to compare among their kids – to the stage that kids are learning music just to score higher grades in examinations, and not really learning what music is about.

One of the most popular instruments is the violin. There are many famous schools in the world that teach kids violin, such as Yamaha . They have a structured learning module that help kids to learn violin progressively. However, some parents are getting their children out of these classes because of the constant emphasis on music examinations and grades.

The focus has been so much that some kids are pleading to their parents to stop their classes, and quit playing the instrument altogether. As a result, many parents are finding ways to keep the interests of their kids in place, and let them continue learning the violin, but without the stress of the exams.

One school that is successful in this area is Violin Music School. They offer violin lessons in Pasir Ris, and has helped students to learn and appreciate violin music at the same time. This is done by customizing the classes to every child’s needs. Their classes are fun and full of energy. The teachers believe that students learn well when they are energetic and lively. Classes that are boring make students lose interest the fastest.

We had a word with the teacher of VMS, Mr Marcus. We asked him why his approach in teaching music is different from most schools.

And this is what he has to say “Throughout my 8 years in teaching violin, I have received numerous requests from parents that they are pulling their kids out of popular music schools. Reason being they are too structured and examination focused. They want their kids to continue to learn music, but they are seeing signs of unhappiness from them. Hence, they believe a different approach in music learning will help. And this is why our classes are structured in such a way the students learn to learn, and enjoy what they learn!”

Sure, if parents can get their kids to learn, and to enjoy what they learn, isn’t that great? Isn’t that wonderful?

We need to start shifting our focus back to learn how to appreciate music, and not get lost in chasing after examinations year after year. This is the sure way to make your kids hate music.

We hope you enjoy this article and provide you with a different perspective regarding arts and music.

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Studying – A Form of Art

CaptureThere is a chance that you are having a hard time studying because you are always distracted with the different things that you ought to do. You have to remember that the way you study can have an effect on how nice your grades are going to be.

Whether you are an undergraduate student or you are learning new things again that are needed for work, you know that you have to focus on studying and this can be very complicated to do if you do not know how you can study effectively.

Get the more out of studying when you check this out:

Your Studying Approach

How often do you study? There is a chance that if you study more often, you will have better grades than usual. If you do not study often, then you will not get good grades. Your approach on studying will play a huge role on how good you will be. If you do not have a good mindset about studying, it will be much harder for you to do that.

There is a need for you to have a positive mind when you are thinking because if you would not think positive, there is a chance that you will have some trouble with thinking that you can do the work that you have to do. You can check out psle math tuition if you already feel positive that you will be able to understand math well. You also have to make sure that you will not compare your accomplishments with other people. Some people may study better because they are more positive.

The Right Place to Study

Where do you usually study? Do you study at your very own study table? If you do, there is a possibility that you are going to absorb the lessons better. If you are unable to do this, it will be harder for you to do that. If you have to study in school, make sure that you will choose a spot that you are comfortable in. Do not just choose a place that is “good enough” for studying. Choose a place wherein you know you can study very well.

The Right Items

What do you have with you when you are studying? Do you usually use materials that can make your studying more colorful and creative? Make studying an art by making use of highlighters and dermatographs. This will help you remember the important terms better. You can also make use of markers and various colored paper to help you in studying your lessons effectively.

Check out brainmatter tuition centre for more help. These are just some of the things that you can do in order to make studying flow like art.

Why Yoga is An Art


It seems that there are some people who are a bit unsure with the main reason why yoga can be considered an art. Some people think yoga in Singapore is a sport because it helps them with their body while there are also some people who think that yoga is a form of relaxation. The fact that it can be considered a variety of different things

It is very evident that yoga can do a lot more for the body than typical exercise. While it can do other things such as strengthening the core, there are still other things that yoga can do. You can already take yoga classes at the soonest possible time. Here are some of the benefits that you will feel:

  • Let Go of Your Feelings of Stress

Do you always feel stressed about the things that you do every day? There is a possibility that you do not know what you should do anymore. Remember that you can always let go of the stress that you are feeling and feel better about yourself.

Learn more on how you can use yoga to your advantage here:

  • Yoga Helps Your Body Recover Better

There is a possibility that your body is having a hard time recovering from the different things that you are doing every day. When you eat, you might be placing toxins in your body. You might also be getting some damages because of the environment. When you do yoga, it will be easier for your body to recover from the stress and this will also make you feel better.

  • Yoga Helps You Connect with Yourself

Are you having problems with trying to understand the things that you ought to do? Remember that through yoga, you will be able to reach deep into your soul and understand the things that you did not understand before.

  • Yoga Helps You Bask in Silence

Silence is something that some people do not like because they do not feel that they feel good when they are alone. The great thing about yoga is that you can feel at peace even when there is no sound available. You will start to see the beauty of yoga when you try it.

Make sure that you will try out yoga at the soonest possible time. You have to make sure that you will experience the best things in life and this will not be possible unless you start doing yoga. What you will feel when you do yoga can only be called an art because you cannot describe it properly in any other way.

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Want to improve your piano skills? A good teacher does help!

You want to learn how to play the piano but you don’t know how to find a good and effective teacher for you? Well, take some time to read this. “Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”

That’s what Charles Kuralt said. Indeed, he is right. It is the art of a teacher to awaken the hidden talent, creativity and knowledge of his/her students. The goal of every teacher is to cure the ignorance of their students. To be able to reach that goal, the student and the teacher must have a connection and mutual understanding. Just like how lovers connect with each other.

There are lots of good Singapore piano teachers out there. But the question is who can you connect with? There are ways to know how to know that. First, gather the contact numbers of all the piano teachers you know.

Maybe from the internet, from your friends or from the newspapers or flyers. You can collect as many as you can because having several options allows you to hire a teacher that best meet your standards.

It is better if you have several options to choose from. If you already have the list, try to contact them all and conduct an interview. The interview will let you know who is the best person for the job. You can easily notice the right person that fit to your needs. Notice their aura and qualities.

Look for the teacher you are comfortable with. Eradicate those who are not fit for the job. Then, try to know the remaining candidates by attending in to their class or any other form of investigation. You can try to check their facebook or twitter account to see what kind of person they are. Then, make a decision.

Who would it be? If you already decided, contact that person and make an offer. If the teacher accepts it, then enjoy learning playing the piano. You can watch the video link below for more information. The video focuses on how to find piano teacher for children but basically it’s just the same thing for adults.

Finding a good teacher is just like finding the right lifetime partner. You are finding a person which you can connect with, you can be comfortable with, you can be yourself with; a person who suits you and who is right for you. It can go right or it can go wrong. It is basically a trial and error process for some people. But if you set your standards straight and clear you are on the right track.

Every person is unique. We have different personalities. We have different ways of dealing ourselves. So are teachers. They have different teaching styles. We have to know their styles first before choosing them as our teacher. Picking our teacher or picking our life time partner is totally in our control. Choose the one you think is right for you.

the happy pianistReady to start your lessons? If you are in Singapore, you can use the free service provided by The Happy Pianist. They have a group of piano tutors situated across the whole island. Simply send them a request and you will be able to start your lessons soon!

Learning a piano can be tiring, if you started late like me. But I can tell you, it’s rewarding!

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Soul Searching

Can we imagine having this life without art and music? I do not think if we can survive without that. Art is a way of communication which reveals more than what you can do through speaking. Likewise music is something which soothes our nerves and give us a relaxing sensation, something which cannot be done either through medication or anything else.

There are many countries where in school art and music is a compulsory subject for the students. The analysis shows that student score maximum grade in this subject compared to others because they enjoy themselves while attending the classes and think openly to give their best.

Art and music is a great medium to distress yourself. People going through difficult times or having rough patches usually end up creating a unique art form which becomes memorable like a poem, a sketch or anything. At times you cannot convey with words as appropriately than through art and music.

Almost any culture and tradition, be it mature and civilized or the one followed by people from remote places still not developed, music is integral part of their lives. Any event, be it happier times or sad moments, music plays a pivotal role and conveys the message to others through it in a definite manner.

Surpassingly this is a talent which is not learned nor inherited but can only be improved. Artist and musicians are born only.

Going back to 1400 BC, music was an integral part of church events mostly in western countries. Around the same time in Asia, music became the perfect emblem of the courtesy for the rich people.

Gradually people became aware and realized that music was something which they wanted to learn and be part of. This helped spread it across different religion and tradition in some form or the other.

It never happened that any artist or musician was ever hackled by the society to not practice their passion. It was always considered the gift of god and got support from the society for the passionate people to learn and spread it.

In the modern ear, art and music holds a unique and relevant place in the society where people now encouraging their children to go for it. Even though music and art was never discouraged but people would never come forward to take it as their career because of insecurity and lack of uniformity and consistency.

But due to the awareness and need of this form in our life, people are coming forward and helping the kids to get more involved in this rather than pushing them into education only. This is a welcome change which is a win-win situation for parents as well kids as they are now able to live their dream openly.